9x9 Rotate and Flip GamePlay:

This is a grid-block game with a 9x9 grid. To produce horizontal or vertical matches, you must fit the pieces together. There are three game modes to choose from: "Classic": To score, make as many rows and columns as possible. If you don't have enough slots to accommodate the pieces, you'll lose the game; "by time" means you'll lose when your time runs out. However, by destroying rows or columns with the Time power-up, you can gain more time; and Bombs: Destroy explosives by destroying rows or columns.You lose if any of the bombs detonate! You can enjoy this game on mobile or computer. Besides this option, you also have other choices to play in your free time such as Power Puzzle - Merge Numbers and Hexologic at freegamesonline.games

Instructions: Touch in the pieces and drag to the grid to fit them.

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