Butterfly Shimai GamePlay:

To build stunning butterflies and have them vanish from the board, match two identical butterfly wings. But take care! You must choose the proper path and order to match them since other wings will prevent them from being matched. The good news is that you can utilize power-ups to assist you in locating the matches you're looking for if you're having trouble matching them. Don't abuse those powerups, though; they have a finite amount of utility. Start making lovely butterflies now, and watch as they all flutter off to their new home! On our site, you can find many games as fun as this one. They have different gameplay but bring you the best gaming experience ever. Some of the best choices you should check out are Snowball Dash and Obby Blox Parkour at free online games on PC

Instruction: Click on or touch two of the same butterfly wings to combine them and make them fly away. But check the path when combining them, since every wing in the way will block it. Your goal is to clear the board as fast as you can.

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