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Cat Noir Rescue Ladybug is an online HTML5 game presented by freegamesonline.com, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone).

In the glorious city of Paris terrible things happen. Cute girl who decided to save the world, turns into a Lady Bug. And her best friend Super cat always follows her. They brought no little trouble most important villains. The game Cat Noir Rescue Ladybug you will face a greater evil. Lady Bug has been kidnapped by the most terrible enemy who is willing to destroy it. Her friend Super Cat has only a few seconds to save his partner. You'll have to drop everything and run to help the couple. Villain strapped it to the chimney with a rope. It will take time to unwind the girl. Help the Cat in the game Super Cat rescues Lady Bug to follow a villain. When he turns away, to dream, it will destroy the Lady Bug, can begin cat rescue mission.

Do not turn a deaf themselves bonuses that fall just from the sky. It will leap seconds, and acceleration for Kota, with whom he will save the Lady Bug. But you'll get a nasty surprise afterwards. The villain does not stop and come up with a more complex task. He did not come up with better than to shackle our savior in the chain, and then another, and to close all the locks. In the game Super Cat rescues Lady Bug you will face this insidious thief girls. We need it urgently to punish and prevent a cunning plan to execute. You have to be very clever and observant. On the roof of the prisoners sitting in an unusual girl who is waiting for your help. Save her from violence. It is not filled with the red light, it will not be on the loose. But it is only once catch the eye of the enemy, he immediately punish you and have to start from the beginning.

Oh, bad! Miraculous Ladybug was caught by Akumas when she was hunting him. Now, Akumas tied her with rope and will burn her. Help! Cat Noir! Please rescue her! Be careful! Don't be found by Akumas. 

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