Coaster Racer 2 GamePlay:

This sequel to the phenomenally acclaimed Coaster Racer has even more high-flying racing. There's a new nitro system this time, as well as challenge races and motorcycles in addition to automobiles. You may compete against other drivers in Coaster Racer 2 at Free games online. Finish in the qualifying place, whether in a vehicle or on a motorcycle, to gain access to the following circuit. Cash is gained according to your place in the race, but you may also drive into dollar symbols to earn more cash and improve your vehicle. To travel faster, press the nitro button. It's important to keep in mind that nitro takes time to charge, so use it cautiously. You can store up to three nitro boosters in your inventory.

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Instructions: Use either default keys or redefine them. Arrow Keys: Turn Left/Right and Accelerate/Brake N: Nitro M: Freestyle

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