Ice Fishing GamePlay:

What will you catch the most? Locate the ideal spot. Pick the right bait. Don't pull the float too quickly; doing so will almost certainly lead to failure. Take pleasure in the tranquility of this ice fishing game. And last but not least, fishing, beauty, and excitement. You'll think you're on a genuine fishing excursion, gripping your fishing rod and battling a large fish thanks to the lifelike 3D visuals! You will receive payment for each fish you catch. You may purchase fresh bait and rods with this money. Have a great experience and make sure you check out other games because so many awesome options to discover such as Pinball World Cup  and Dunk Shot at https://freegamesonline.games/

Instruction: - To catch, use the large arrows in the upper right and lower right corners of the screen. - In the upper left corner of the screen you will see a warning about the tension of the fishing line. If the tension of the fishing line is strong, then the green color will turn into red. The fishing line may break and you will lose the caught fish. - You can change lures, fishing rods, fishing spots. - For every caught any fish, you will get money. With this money you can buy new bait, the rods.

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