Merge Ships GamePlay:

Do you want to have a huge fleet sailing in the sea?Want to do business with many cities in the world?In the game Merge Ships, you will have this opportunity. Merge All and Get Free Rewards Easily! You are successful when boats are Merged! Become idle heroes by playing one of the best merger games!

Want to be a Captain and a mergestar? Then come here to do merger, all boats are waiting for you to be Merged! Now Go Merged! In all merger games, Merge Boats is the best choice! As one of the merge games, Merge Boats is the only one Merge app where you can merge lane and boats to get Free Rewards. You Can merge off boats to win and become idle heroes.
Merge Ships is an amazing, exciting and addictive game based on the now popular trend of idle clicker and hyper casual games. The concept of the game is super easy. You start off with a simple wooden boat and merge two simple boats to make an upgraded row boat.

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