Mini Clash War Z GamePlay:

Enjoy this interesting strategy game set in a small battle. Mini Clash War Z is a strategy and action game in which you lead a small army and succeed in battles. In this new game in Free online games, you will learn to add and calculate your movements. The goal of the game is to complete each stage in a strategic battle by moving your forces to come up with the required number of soldiers to take the opposing base. To remove the troops positioned at different places in your base, count the total number of soldiers in each movement. Simple but fun, this may what you want to find in a great game and there are many options like this on our site such as Pixel Smash Duel  and Towerland at https://freegamesonline.games/

Instructions: Use the right mouse Right click to play and control your soldiers. On mobile devices touch the screen and the UI buttons of the game.

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