Om Nom Connect Christmas GamePlay:

You must match the similar charming monsters or candies with each other to make them disappear from the board and let Om Nom and his buddies celebrate Christmas together. However, the monsters and candies prevent each other from being matched, so keep an eye out and figure out the best way to mix them. But don't worry, Om Nom has some amazing power-ups up his sleeve to help you out in a pinch! 

If you can't locate a match on the board, you can use the magnifying glass to look for one. Alternatively, use the Om Nom Shuffle to shuffle the board's current arrangement and reposition all of the monsters and candies! Are you ready to assist Om Nom in sharing his Christmas candy with all of his friends? Then go right into the game and try to beat your previous high score!

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Controls:  Click/touch the two identical monsters or sweets you wish to link, but bear in mind that other monsters and candy may block your way. When you link two cute monsters or candies, they vanish, and you win when the board is completely cleaned. However, there is a time restriction, and if the timer reaches 0, you will lose the game. But don't worry, there are power ups to assist you speed up your gameplay or locate a link you hadn't seen previously.

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