Poppy Huggie Escape GamePlay:

Evade various items by sprinting, leaping, and sliding your way out of the house. Scary Huggy on Free online games is back with a scary room adventure, so plan your escape! Wuggy is transporting enemies to a frightful and eerie chamber where Kissy is free to wander. If you don't collect all of the keys to open the doors, the chaser will come after you. Use your points to unlock new chasers in the shop, such as Huggy, Freddy, Sonic.exe, or Zombie. Enjoy every moment here as always and make sure you check out other options available on our site such as Stack Crash Ball and Springy Walk at https://freegamesonline.games/

Instructions: Use the keyboard arrows to jump and crouch to run the obstacles. Touch and drag the screen on mobile and tablet devices to jump and crouch.

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