Supra Crash Shooting Fly Cars GamePlay:

Supra Crash Shooting Fly Cars game is in the category of Action Games and you can play this free game at Free Games . Welcome to another great Supra Crash Shooting Fly Cars, try our multiplayer where you can fight with friends around the world, gain money by destroy other cars and upgrade your weapon, buy new speed car, colors and wheels, fly with other friends in other free for all game mode and fight, we have offline mode where you will chase enemy AI and shooting them. Have fun.

Instructions: wasd and arrow - drive r- fly space - handbrake b - look back f - nitro

Come for an enjoyable time with the colorful game, smooth graphics, and simple yet entertaining gameplay. More games of different genres, ranging from the simplest to the toughest ones, are waiting for you on our website such as Lemo Car Game and Gt Jeep Impossible Mega Dangerous Track

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