Traffic Rider Legend GamePlay:

In a considerably more comprehensive game experience, a motorcycle is featured. By including a first-person view viewpoint and improving visuals, Traffic Rider Legend elevates the endless racing genre to a whole new level. The core of smooth arcade racing is still present, albeit in a new generation's shell. To beat the tasks in career mode, ride your bike on the infinite highway stretches, overtaking traffic and purchasing new motorcycles. It's finally time to take to the roads on a motorcycle! 

FEATURES -person camera perspective. Four different motorcycles to pick from. -Actual motor noises and real motorcycles -Detailed settings such as the desert, snow, and jungle. - formalized paraphraseThe quicker you ride, the more points you get. When driving over 100 km/h, closely overtake traffic-constrained automobiles to earn additional points and cash. -In two-way driving, driving in the other direction earns you extra points and cash. - formalized paraphrasePerform wheelies for additional points and cash.

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Controls: Keyboard controls: W = Move forward (Throttle) S = Brake A = Move Left D = Move Right Escape = Pause Left Shift = Wheelie Space = Horn


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