Trap Craft GamePlay:

The Hacker is ready to satisfy any Princess, Noob, Pro, Herobrine, and the rest's desires. He invites them to play a game: if they can keep the gateway free of zombies, their desire will be granted! Each character has their own amusing conclusion! Discover them all! Play cooperatively with friendly pets, set traps, and fight the cube world's hostile zombies. In a cube world, combat zombies, live, create traps, and tame pets in the finest Trap-Crafting adventure game. Have a great day and make sure you check out other games such as Super Lule vs Zombies and Moon Mission at https://freegamesonline.games/

Instructions: You need to build a defense of your chosen traps against zombies. By killing zombies, you get coins that you can use to set traps in the way of zombies. Control the hero with the keyboard and mouse.

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