Batty Math GamePlay:

Batty Math is a simple but fun to play puzzle math game. It's called Batty Math because the position of the letters in the word BAT will help you solve each math puzzle. The question will use the letters B, A, & T while the answer will be numbers. To figure out the answer you'll have to remember that the digit in the hundreds digit corresponds to "B", the tens digit to "A" and the ones digit to "T".

Instructions are available in-game and can be accessed by clicking/tapping "?" button on the main menu.
Click the Fullscreen button to use the Elapsed Time Clock in fullscreen mode. Click the Return button to return to normal mode.

Save the game on your favorites and relax list if you really want to experience those challenges. We also suggest giving players the same games for you to explore after every hour of work or learning the same stress with this game like Diamonds Mission and Snake Want Fruits at Free Games Online Are you ready for your new challenge?

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