Cat Lovescapes GamePlay:

In the point-and-click game "Cat Lovescapes," you take on the role of the heavenly Cat Cupid, whose mission it is to assist the black cat in successfully navigating Grandma's home. While our grandmother has six cats, one of them is the softest and cutest. The most valuable feline is the White cat, who won the affection of the Black cat. He must overcome his furries, get away from Grandmother, dodge every danger, traverse every floor of the house, and find the White Cat, his true love. On our site, you can find many games as fun as this one. They have different gameplay but bring you the best gaming experience ever. Some of the best choices you should check out are Mini Swim and The Dandy at freegamesonline

Instruction: Click and drag Cats require a distraction in order for the black cat to pass easily. Use your creativity to trick them all with many entertaining point-and-click actions. If you fail to escape them, you will return to the beginning of the room. They will be your obstacle in each room; use your reflexes and outrun them all with a simple point-and-click gameplay.

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